Research in motion

Okay, so this isn’t about the ‘research in motion’ you may hear about in the news 

Just an update on my research in motion.

My black poster tube has become a familiar travel companion. At times, it felt as though I had strapped on a quiver of arrows – armed and ready – for the toughest of questions 😉

In April and May, I presented 3 posters and assisted with others.

my geek pose…

This week, I am finalizing 2 more posters for an international conference – right here in Edmonton! I look forward to learning alongside visitors from 60 countries (and am glad to have a break from trying to find room for my poster tube in an airplane overhead bin…).

I also received publishing news last week!

  • The British Psychological Society journal Educational and Child Psychology will be publishing my article in December!
    Durksen, T. L. & Klassen, R. M. (in press). Pre-service teachers’ weekly commitment and engagement during a final training placement: A longitudinal mixed methods study. Educational and Child Psychology 29(4): Teachers’ Well-being.

I have enjoyed the many different ways of presenting research – by poster, journal article, community-based report. In February, I also experienced the process of publishing a short article in an online newsletter (ASCD Express), and last month an article I helped write for the summer issue of the ATA magazine was released both online and in print.

And even in this technological world, I had the opportunity to present research reports in meetings – with real people 🙂

So many ways to communicate research results… so little time. Speaking of… I guess I should start writing for the next conference proposal – due just 18 days from now…

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