Mrs. D

I recently celebrated 18 years of of being married to Mr. D.
…and, no not to that goofy “teacher” on CBC…

My Mr. D continues to be such an amazing support and encouragement to me.

…I was 18 years old when I graduated from high school – and we celebrated by going to prom together 🙂

…and now…

I’m still in school

And Frank’s still by my side 🙂

…waiting to celebrate my nextthis will be the last one…right?” graduation.

On our wedding day, Frank recalls my dad saying “you keep her in school” as they shook hands. “Yes, sir” he said…thinking I only had 2 more years to go…

 … and here I am today, still in school, and still living with a wonderful man who keeps all the promises he made on our wedding day.

And so, I have been Mrs. Durksen for 18 years. Ever since the “I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs…” announcement

 It’s a lovely title that connects me to Frank and the Durksen family tree.

But nowadays, I usually just hear or see that title when interacting with strangers
…like telemarketers or cashiers…

Until recently when I found (well, it never was lost)
…re-discovered one of my favourite treasures from a student:

– Thank you, H.P! –

This reminds me of how delightful that title can sound.

Mrs. Durksen! I lost a tooth!

Mrs. Durksen – look how high I can climb!

Mrs. Durksen… how do you spell chrysalis?

(sigh) I do miss teaching – I miss learning alongside my students.

I enjoyed being surrounded by eager minds with unique personalities,
ready to embrace the joy of discovering something new.

hmmm…maybe that’s why I’m still in school…and still on this journey
…working to earn a new title: Dr. Durksen

but I’ll proudly wear my “Mrs. Durksen” necklace when I cross that graduation stage

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