(…no, this post isn’t about the great Amazon rainforest
– although I would love to wander there one day!)

Most of my time these days is spent
reading and analyzing along with
writing and presenting.

It’s no secret – I love books
– old ones, new ones, ‘read’ ones, blue ones…

I used to love buying books for my classroom.
I enjoyed still enjoy Dr. Seuss (…who doesn’t?!)
Robert Munsch and Eric Carle were also well-loved necessities 🙂

Other favourites were:

I am a fan of bookstores – new and used.
In fact, we used to live in Canada’s only “booktown” 🙂

I am also a big fan of
(if you click on the book pictures above,
you will be linked to information about each book!)

And now I have made it into A BOOK – as a chapter co-author
– a book that is already listed on THE SITE!!

I was honoured to have served as second author to my Ph.D supervisor
(Dr. Robert Klassen) by helping write the chapter on teacher efficacy!
Researchers from around the world –
Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, UK, USA
– and Alberta, Canada 🙂
contributed chapters to Paul Richardson’s book
Teacher Motivation: Theory and Practice

I look forward to owning this book and reading all the chapters!

(…maybe I’ll get a complimentary copy…)

I am excited that Amazon has already listed this book
– ready for pre-ordering –
with a release day expected in 2013!
(I have also been learning about the lengthy publication process)

I will reserve a special spot on my shelf for this book;
it will join other favourite books I purchased through Amazon
– like Bandura’s (1997) Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control.

The listing for Teacher Motivation: Theory and Practice
specifies prices for hardcover and for paperback copies
– which made me ponder the current influence of e-books…

I have travelled via LRT almost daily this past year, and noticed an increasing number of passengers reading
– flipping/sliding through pages – on their e-readers, iPads, tablets, etc.

Lately, I have been easing into the iPad-user demographic.
I am already a Mac and iPhone user… so I wondered – why the resistance?

I am the one was the one who had to print out the stacks of paper, so I could
draw and
make side notes.

I have been known to say:
“I can’t read off of a tablet…scrolling page after page?
No, not me – I need to interact with the pages”

(and being able to zoom in and zoom out would only amuse me for so long…)

I’m also a wannabe environmentalist – a big fan of reducing, recycling, and reusing
– yet I still kept printing out 30 page journal articles to read…?

And then it happened.

No…my printer didn’t stop working…

I decided to take borrow Frank’s our iPad with me for a day.

And then the next day.

And the next.

And then I heard about the “GoodReader” app from a fellow U of A student…
and now I’m hooked 🙂

Definitely a great tool for reading research articles…but when it comes to books:
I still plan on choosing hardcover or paperback over an e-book edition
– and hope there will always be that option!

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about seeing this book physically on my bookshelf!

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