If only we had more time…

I don’t have enough time.

What a waste of my time!

That was time well spent.

Just in time!

Take your time.

I ran out of time.

I need more time.

It’s about time!

Time is money. 

(… I could spend more time listing other time-related phrases I often hear or use…)

The last one – time is money – was the concept of a movie I saw recently (In Time). The movie wasn’t the best (…dare I say, it was a waste of time) as it didn’t keep my attention, but nevertheless the premise of time as currency was interesting.

Time has been on my mind lately so I thought I’d take some time to briefly broach this topic.

Frank just turned 40 years old and birthdays (especially milestones like 40) can force us to reflect on how we spent our time over the years and how we wish to spend the time remaining. Jokes about age and ‘a mid-life crisis’ often emerge once someone turns 40 (no thanks to Hallmark…). Yet I recently read an article called “The Midlife Crisis is neither at midlife nor a crisis. Discuss” by psychology professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne who recommends (while citing midlife-related research results) we drop the catch-all pop culture myth and instead embrace the reality that midlife can be a rewarding and enjoyable part of life.

Besides references to ‘mid-lifers’ acting half their age, sometimes a young person is considered wise beyond her years or an old soul.

Currently my family is grieving the loss of my beautiful young cousin – whose time with us was short. One of her friends1 described her as wise, talented, and spiritually mature beyond her years. Brea enjoyed life, expressed her love and gratitude freely, and seemed to appreciate each precious moment in time. I’m sure that all who knew and loved Brea would agree that her 22 years was time well spent – but that it was just. not. enough. time.

Our family will honour her life in many ways. One of the ways recommended by her mother is for donations to be made in Brea’s memory to a charity organization called PEDAL Foundation.

For more information, please visit my “In memory of Brea Garner” Giving Page through the Canada Helps website: http://www.canadahelps.org/gp/22169


1 I have been privy to reading the outpouring of love, memories, photos, and deep sadness currently being shared on her Facebook page by family and friends…my love and prayers go to all who will be gathering tomorrow to celebrate Brea’s life.


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