First post of 2015!

Inspire and be inspired – sounds like a good plan for this year

Inspire and be inspired – sounds like a good plan for this year

2015…The year I will graduate!

This space has been a bit quiet lately (…my last post was in October!) – not for lack of anything to say …I always have something to say 🙂 I have been immersed in this last stage of my PhD journey…(and enjoying summer in Sydney!)

January = Summer = Confused Canadian

January = Summer = Confused Canadian

I have lots of writing to do. So I have been spending some quality time outside in the sunshine with my workspace. I have a stand-up desk complete with an anti-fatigue mat to stand on …though I am often sometimes a slouch on the couch with my laptop.

Recently I hung this beside my computer screen:

From my tour of the Library of Congress (Washington, DC) - August 2014

From my tour of the Library of Congress (Washington, DC) – August 2014

But I also posted this on my corkboard…as a reminder to stay focused:

I aim for long periods of sustained attention, but then… 

Click above to watch the “Squirrel!” clip from the 2009 Pixar movie “Up”

Squirrel! …away I go on a new tangent.

Tangents, though off-task, can be productive (…and by productive, I mean producing more ideas and more work…) but I am at the stage in my program where I really do need to focus.

Like “Dug” the dog in the video clip, I am experiencing the weight of a colourful prehistoric birdmy dissertation.

Colourful – because I am passionate about my research

Prehistoric – well…it is time to finish and put this in the past 🙂

Bird – reminds me of a must-read for PhD students and all writers:

When writing, I have even had colourful birds visit!

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets

…so instead of “Squirrel!” (in Canada) it’s “Bird!” in Australia 🙂

Below is a video clip of Rainbow Lorikeets on my balcony…what do you think…

Are they saying “write, write, write”?
…okay, maybe I am a bit sleep deprived and have had too much coffee…

“Bird by bird” …I will complete my dissertation in 2015!
…and according to “Thesis Whisperer” I can do this in “10,000 words a day” (?!)

(Click to read her post)

(Click to read her post)

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