Home stretch

This week, I finally clicked “send” …!

My committee, two examiners in my university, and an external examiner at an American university are now reviewing my dissertation. I am looking forward to learning from their feedback and questions during my defense next month.

Submitting my dissertation for review was a big milestone, but my ‘journey’ isn’t over yet. For the past four years, the title of this site has been “My PhD Journey,” so in hopeful anticipation of reaching that destination, I thought I would try a new title.

What would you call your site if you had/have one?

Being a PhD student is a big part of my identity, so it is weird to think of life beyond…
My name is a good identifier that doesn’t change, so I think it is a safe title 🙂 and since I am interested in research that has practical implications – which may not be specific enough since I think all research has practical implications – I am going with this tagline for now: “bridging psychological research and educational practice.”

This past week has left me a bit weary and out of words,
so I thought I would just share 10 thesis-related images from the past few months:

1. Thesis writing according to PhD comics

2. PhD path

3. The Quest


4. Imposter Syndrome lives in the Inferiority Complex… (thanks to @AcademicsSay for this one)

5. On life, writing “sh***y first drafts,” and creative successes by Anne Lamott (author of Bird by Bird)

6. The journey according to Fiona Whelan

7. Final notice…

8. Keep calm…“a good dissertation is a done dissertation” (thanks to @AcademicsSay for this one)

9. Editing = slashing sentences

10. “Sent”

…I am feeling okay with what I sent, although I do think I ran out of steam in my concluding chapter. After clicking “send” I spent some time in the land of “I should have written more on….” but know that it never would have been ‘enough’ or ‘perfect.’ I am actually looking forward to doing revisions based on the feedback I get at my defense. I really look up to those who are reviewing my work and I value the opportunity to get their opinions and questions. I believe this process will help me clarify and refine my work for future publications.

….I’ll be back to post again after my defense…! 

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