Finding my voice

Has it really been one year since my last blog post?

When I titled that last post ‘Speechless’ I didn’t imagine that I would actually become speechless in this space for a whole year.

So what happened?

I think there are a number of reasons that could account for my absence:

  • I’ve been busy (but aren’t we all?)
  • There are already so many voices and opinions out there…why bother adding to the sea of instant and endless online chatter?
  • I finished my PhD and started my postdoc – time crafting blog posts was replaced with time trying to write journal articles
  • The fear of posting something that would be mis-interpreted or mis-represented – or serve as food for the trolls (…unlikely though since I tend to avoid controversy)
  • I guess I’ve spent more time this year “micro-blogging” updates through Instagram
  • I haven’t had anything new to say (ok…that one is definitely not the reason…)

I have been posting in this space for about 5 years, but never did get into a routine of posting weekly or monthly. I only added a post to share an update, a milestone, or a story that I thought might be interesting for those (few) who follow me.

So why post now?

I am working on finding my voice – on defining my research program and how to best express my passion for supporting pre-service and new teachers.

And I have a deadline – a big milestone – coming up: my “Inaugural Public Lecture!” (eek!)

So now I am preparing a speech, one year on from being speechless…

Feeling a little nervous already – but honoured that I will have this opportunity to publicly thank a number of colleagues for their help in getting my research to where it is today.

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