12 Days of Christmas: 2021 Durksen Edition

What a year.

While the pandemic made it seem like a continuation of 2020, we are thankful for the good things that have happened.

❓In 2020, Frank changed jobs and I wasn’t sure if I would still have one.

❗️In 2021, Frank is doing well – and he even opened a new office in May 2021! I not only still have a job at UNSW, but I was promoted in July, secured a tenure-track position in August, and last month was awarded a 4-year research fellowship!

If you are curious about other things we are proud of …and don’t mind a bit of shameless bragging – and of course cute Abby photos – here’s a summary (or view our list of 12 via Prezi or a PDF if you want to read the fine print)

🌟I hope you have some good things to reflect on as we all [nervously] enter 2022. Wishing you all the best and lots of rest this season!

Do I dare make any plans or even say them out loud?
Here’s hoping 2022 will be the year I can finally re-book my April 2020 visit to Canada ❤️

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