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PhD Studies

Doctoral program (2011-2015):
Psychological Studies in EducationUniversity of Alberta

SupervisorDr. Robert Klassen
Professor and Chair, Psychology in Education Research Centre (University of York, UK)
Director of Research, Department of Education (University of York, UK)
Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Psychology (University of Alberta)
Teacher Selection Project:

Co-SupervisorDr. Lia DanielsUniversity of Alberta (Canada)
Associate Professor, Department of Educational PsychologyFaculty of Education
Director of ACMEAlberta Consortium for Motivation and Emotion

Community research practicum connection (Alberta, Canada)

Families First Edmonton, Community-based research (2011-2012)

Research organisations of interest

AARE: Australian Association of Research in Education

AERA: American Educational Research Association

APA: American Psychological Association Division 15: Educational Psychology

BPS: The British Psychological Society

CSSE: The Canadian Society for the Study of Education

EARLI: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction

ISSBD: International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development

STHLE: The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

WPAWestern Psychological Association

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