Milan to Vegas

Next conference stop – Milano, Italy! (aka Milan to us foreigners).

Well, okay…not me…
– although Italy is on my Bucket List 🙂

This week – at the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Conference in Italy – my supervisor will be presenting a paper we wrote.
The topic: pre-service teachers’ emotional experiences.

In previous posts, I have touched on emotions by exploring:

In my December 2011 well-being post about job satisfaction, I mentioned Frank’s new job with Richie Bros Auctioneers – and then posted about the gift of travel
we received
from them in January!

Frank also received the gift of travel from his first employer here in Edmonton
– Homes by Avi awarded him a travel $ voucher last year for his sales record!

Since this travel $ voucher was approaching its expiry date, we recently decided to use it to check off another Bucket List item – and travel to Las Vegas!

A FREE trip
thanks to Homes by Avi!

So although the beginning of the new school year
means summer is over is exciting enough on its own
– now this month will include our first trip to Vegas!

What do I want to do first when I get there, you ask? Well…

“Imagine entering a crime scene and being the one responsible for
noticing and collecting every trace of evidence.
The pressure is on: you know the analysis of your evidence must be
scientifically sound to crack the case.” 

Yes. Analyze stuff (shocking, I know…)

But this will involve a different type of analysis than I have been doing lately…
forensic analysis – thanks to the “CSI Experience !

looks just like us right? Haha…

I have long been a fan of the TV show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” filmed in Vegas so I am looking forward to this experience.

I’ll even receive a CSI certificate and praise for a job well done at the end
– perfect since I think collecting certificates and degrees is time well spent 🙂

And yes… I will also relax a bit too and spend some time shopping,
analyzing strangers’ gambling behaviours people-watching,
and enjoying non-educational entertainment like Cirque du Soleil
…but really…isn’t everything educational in some way?

PS. A follow-up to my Research in Motion post:
I did end up submitting a proposal to present a paper at the next AERA conference.
If accepted, I look forward to travelling to San Francisco in April again 🙂