I often take photos of slogans...I took this one 2 weeks ago!

I often take photos of slogans I see around the city…I took this one 2 weeks ago as I was thinking of my upcoming graduation ceremony and questioning what lies ahead.


I am so excited that I am speechless (rare, I know)…
so this may be my shortest blog post yet! 

I am beyond thrilled and honoured to have been awarded 
a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship! Thank you to UNSW for this amazing opportunity,
I am honoured to join the School of Education to conduct research
with Professor Andrew Martin!

I am so thankful for everyone who has helped prepare me
– especially all those that I thanked in a previous post for
teaching, encouraging, and supporting me during my PhD studies.
I am also thankful that my research plan includes
continued collaboration with Professor Klassen (my PhD supervisor)!

Thank you to everyone at U of A for preparing me for this next big step!

 I am REALLY looking forward to starting my research at UNSW in January!

What a privilege!

*Here is a video of Professor Martin‘s Professorial Inaugural Lecture he gave at UNSW a few months ago – he even mentions the “zombie apocalypse” research I helped with last year 🙂

“Adaptability in the 21st Century:
Exploring its Role in Climate Change, Academic Success, Personal Wellbeing,
Workplace Effectiveness – and Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse”