Welcome to the online place where I share my research and teaching experiences. I created this website in 2011 when I started my Ph.D program in Educational Psychology – and am happy to say that I completed my doctorate in June 2015! Along the way, I have posted about my Ph.D studies and travels (see the blog section in the sidebar).

In 2016, I was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to conduct research for three years at the University of New South Wales under the mentorship of Professor Andrew Martin in the School of Education. To learn more about my postdoctoral research, visit my PL-TIME Project page on this site.

If you are looking for my CV or links to articles and conference presentations, visit my Research and Teaching section or find me on ResearchGate.

You can send me a message by using the address associated with this website: email@tracydurksen.com

Thank you for stopping by! 

P.S. I used to update this website to share information about non-profit organisations (see charity spotlight) and links of interest – I plan on doing that again so please come back and visit.