Tracy_Durksen_1MB_photo_2017Welcome to the online place where I share my research and teaching experiences. I created this website in 2011 when I started my Ph.D program in Educational Psychology – and am happy to say that I completed my doctorate in June 2015! Along the way, I have posted about my Ph.D studies, travels, and more recently my experiences as a postdoctoral research fellow (you can read my recent blog post here).

Since 2014, I have been collaborating with Professor Robert Klassen through his Teacher Selection Project. In 2016, I was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to conduct research on teachers’ non-academic attributes (personal characteristics such as motivation and adaptability) for three years at UNSW Sydney under the mentorship of Professor Andrew Martin in the School of Education.

In late 2017, I partnered with the NSW Department of Education to conduct a three-year research project guided by the question: How can we identify successful teachers in NSW? The aim of this funded partnership is to validate a proposed model of teacher success as a framework for recruiting, selecting, and retaining quality teachers. Stay tuned for progress updates!

In 2018, my research also includes exploring museum-based professional development programs for teachers. In addition to studying teachers and promoting professional development, I enjoy supporting preservice teachers. This year I taught a course on child development as part of a new Master of Teaching Primary Program.

For links to previous conference presentations, visit my Research page or find my articles on ResearchGate.

You can send me a message by using the address associated with this website: email@tracydurksen.com

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P.S. I used to update this website to share information about non-profit organisations (see charity spotlight) and links of interest – I plan on doing that again so please come back and visit.