New beginning

This is my first post from Australia!

Through my last post, I set goals for my first participation in #AcWriMo. I guess I wanted to be intentional with scheduling writing time – to somehow have ‘control’ over something – since I knew that November would be busy with moving preparations …and would involve some goodbye tears. My ‘plan’ worked for the first 2 weeks…but I lacked consistency during the last 2 weeks. I met [most of] my #AcWriMo goals, but have yet to get into a daily writing habit (that will be a goal for the new year).

Halfway through November we were officially granted Australian work visas!


Frank travelled ahead of me to start working …and to find a place for us to live 🙂

I just arrived last week.


As with any new beginning, there is an ending…
and so ended my life-long run as a resident of Canada
(but forever remaining a proud Canadian). 

This is my first time in Australia and
it is hard to comprehend that this isn’t just a brief
did-we-win-the-lottery? I-can’t believe-we-are-

Christmas holiday.

I am feeling quite overwhelmed – but in a good way – with all the new sights and sounds. I am thankful [VERY] for this fantastic opportunity to live here [Thank you Ritchie Bros!] and need to remind myself that we have been given 3+ years to enjoy this beautiful place…though I am eager to experience all the touristy things [RIGHT.NOW]. I have yet to see a kangaroo or a koala, but below are a few of the new experiences I captured this week. As I settle in here and process this big move, I plan on posting more – so please visit again soon 🙂

Wishing you and your family great memory-making times
during this Christmas season and all the best
as you enter the new beginning of 2014! 


Walked to the beautiful University of New South Wales campus

An outdoor Christmas tree in the midst of a street festival by the Hillsong Church in our neighbourhood

Enjoyed Hillsong’s festive street festival and ‘Christmas Carol Spectacular’ in our neighbourhood

…learned (at a safe distance) about the dangerous snakes (from an expert) of Australia…this one is known as #1 - the most dangerous snake in the whole world…!

…learned (at a safe distance) about dangerous snakes of Australia (from an expert)…this ‘fierce snake’ is also known as #1 “the most dangerous snake in the whole world” [thankfully we live in the city!]

open-air dining

Open-air dining 🙂

First time seeing the Sydney Opera House!

First time seeing the Sydney Opera House!

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