Small world

Hello September!

I have been travelling a lot lately (…can’t believe my last post was in June!) and am feeling very fortunate for the opportunities I have had to see this great big – yet small – world.


With travelling comes jet-lagged sleep deprivation with new time zones that offer new eye-opening and thought-provoking experiences.

…Grad school does that too.


*If you are interested in the zombie part of this comic, visit the Museum of Human Disease – a fascinating place using a zombie theme while teaching students the science of health and disease (and where I am involved in research on students’ motivation and interest in science education).

Since my last post was June 1st, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few photos of my experiences over the past few months.

June: Two research conferences during my first trip to Europe!

Finland: Land of the midnight sun and friendly Finns

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Germany: Peaceful conference held in a nunnery on a small island surrounded by the Bavarian Alps

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July: Zombieland and Beyond

Data collection at the Museum of Human Disease: Looking forward to returning there again in a few weeks!

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Domestic travel: First trip to ‘Brizzy’ and seeing the Gold Coast from the plane

International travel: First trip back to Canada since moving to Australia

A warm welcome :)

A wonderful time spent visiting family and friends – complete with a successful dissertation committee meeting at the University of Alberta 🙂

When visiting with my cousin (the ‘Brown Owl’ I posted about earlier this year: see “Pi(e) and Cookies”), I passed on my Brownie badges that my mom recently found 🙂

…but I decided to hang on to just one badge – my goal is to really ‘earn it’ by writing my dissertation by March:


August: Conferencing and Celebrating

Conferencing: First trip to Washington, DC!

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Celebrating: First time being a bridesmaid! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Allen 🙂

While unpacking from my recent travels, I found the following two souvenirs from my tour of the amazingly beautiful Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Great pieces for me to have on display as I start my September writing schedule with a newly defined dissertation finish line 🙂

Whatever tasks lie ahead for you this month, I wish you all the best!